Posted by: Amy Chandler | January 27, 2008

Word of mouth at work: Experimenting with eBay

Considering that this blog is for a word of mouth (WOM) class, I guess it’s highly appropriate to post on WOM and its influence in my life.

Our apartment welcomed a new roommate about a week ago. She’s great, and we’ve been admiring her collection of movies since she put them out in the living room. When I talked to her about them, she mentioned that she bought most of them cheap on eBay.

Hmm. I’m no eBay-phobe or anything. I’ve watched my roommate use it plenty of times selling football tickets. (She doesn’t like the game enough to deal with heat and humidity.) It’s just that I hadn’t yet found a compelling reason to use it in place of other aggregator sites like Amazon. (Thanks to The Long Tail for teaching me that term!)

See, I’m a big fan of Gilmore Girls. Since the show went off the air, I’ve been working on my collection of DVD sets. I am one episode away from re-watching all of the seasons that I have. I hate buying the seasons at full price, and I don’t have a Sam’s or Costco card handy.

This time eBay suited my needs enough that I finally did it.

So, I bought season 4 on eBay this weekend at a reasonable price. I was so excited about my “skill” when I placed my bid with 15 seconds left for the win. Clearly I’m new to the idea of “shopping victoriously.” But it definitely was fun!

I credit word of mouth via my new roommate for getting me to try something new. It’s crazy how persuasive a little piece of information can be.







The quality of this photo is lacking to demonstrate what I would post on eBay if I were selling my seasons of the show.



  1. Hey Amy! I like your blog. Don’t fear eBay! In fact, I’m getting ready to put a How-to sell your things on eBay (and do it well) tutorial up on my new blog. I’ve bought a few things to sell on my eBay, and made money on them all.

    I think I like how your links have active-hover junk. It’s, um, flashy! 🙂

    Thanks for subscribing with Google Reader, it’s what I use too. I’ll also be putting a How-to up on how to use Google Reader+Facebook to have your Shared Items show up in Facebook, like I do mine. It’s good! I bet it’s how you found my junk blog 😀

    Take care!

  2. All credit for flashiness goes to wordpress, though I can take credit for the header photo from my summer in France.

    Google reader is awesome. I mean, I don’t need another distraction, but it’s a nice one to have!

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