Posted by: Amy Chandler | February 4, 2008

Word of mouth at work again: Going green

Although I still can’t believe that this is my last semester as an undergrad, it does allow me the great opportunity to work with my campaigns class promoting a more sustainable campus.Go Green

Since I’ve been actively promoting sustainability, I’ve been inspired to work harder to lead by example. I’ve always tried to recycle and be reasonable in my uses of water and other resources, but I’m trying to take baby steps to start new, environmentally friendly habits.

Last weekend I went Krogering with my own cloth bags. The shopping was unpleasant, considering several near cart wrecks and the crash of my U-Scan kiosk on my last item. I’m sure people wondered why I was standing and staring at the U-Scan as it took what felt like 10 minutes to reboot.

But when I finally got to take my items off the scale and load them in my cloth bags, I heard a little boy behind me ask his mom why I didn’t use the plastic bags.

“She brought her own bags to use.”


“Because…it’s better for the earth.”

I know he probably forgot what happened a minute or two later, but I found it somewhat rewarding that his mom taught him a little bit about sustainability in the grocery line.

It will make me feel better as fellow shoppers give me and my bags crazy looks the next time around!



  1. You taught that little punk a thing or two! Hehe. Those bags are hot in Australia, everyone has ’em, you can get lots of different ones. I’m going to help set up a rainwater tank system in our house to use solar heated rain water for showering, laundry and toilets. If you know something good, lemme know about it.

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