Posted by: Amy Chandler | March 2, 2008

Jun Lee–one sweet store–wrecked by SUV

I don’t go home much, but when I do there are certain things I love to do.

Sleep. Eat barbecue. Buy cute, cheap accessories at Jun Lee.

Jun Lee is a place of dreams. One small room is crammed full of adorable purses, jewelry and other accessories. It’s easy to spend an hour or two poring over the merchandise, which is a bit like flea market jewelry, Claire’s accessories and NYC knockoffs assembled in one small store. Going there with my sister has become a tradition and great source of many adorable necklaces.

Last night my sister sent me a text saying that an SUV crashed into a window at Jun Lee, injuring several people, including the driver.

The store? Yes, it suffered quite a bit of damage.



According to news reports, the SUV driver was a retired serviceman who may have had some sort of medical episode causing him to speed through the store’s window.

My best wishes to the driver, injured customers (several were trapped underneath the vehicle!) and the store owners who are promising to rebuild.

Side note:

This is certainly not the first time my family has told me of cars crashing into very inappropriate places. My sister and my grandmother both used to live in an apartment building that is home to many retired people. Several parking spaces surround the pool outside, and there has been more than one incident involving someone unintentionally driving to the pool.

Yes, and older woman thinking that she was in reverse crashed through the fence and into the pool. Luckily it was winter and she and her car were supported by the pool cover long enough to be rescued. Scary.

So when I tell you that Atlanta is not the only scary place to drive in the South, will you believe me now?

Each of these sets was about $6-$7 at Jun Lee. Great deal!

img_0346.jpgJun Lee set 1



  1. i absolutely LOVE Jun Lee Trading Co.!!!
    My friend Patsy was one of the girls pened under the SUV that crashed into the store… she is ok, but she has ALOT of healing to go thru!

  2. I’m glad to hear that she’s ok! I can’t imagine what she’s been through.

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