Posted by: Amy Chandler | March 20, 2008

My birthday in pictures and sound


Lee Ellen’s birthday presents are the best because they’re edible. This cake was like a dark chocolate Dove heart with cake texture. Yum!


Matt and Lee Ellen lighting the candles. There are quite a few on there!


Blowing out the candles. This year’s birthday involved birthday desserts with candles from four different groups of people. Only two of those groups have sung!


Cute couple.


Good times at the corner.

Click for my very first podcast where I talk about my favorite birthday tradition in college.



  1. Love your first podcast!

    And don’t worry even if were going to the real world, you can always count on obnoxious phone calls at midnight. (I’ll even set an alarm!)

  2. Hmmm, I didn’t see any of that cake in class! I am sure that would have earned you serious brownie points (pun intended 🙂

  3. If only my friends hadn’t eaten so much of the cake so that I would have had more to share later! I need to ask Lee Ellen for the recipe for this chocolate cake and an amazing chocolate chip cake that she makes.

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