Posted by: Amy Chandler | April 8, 2008

Go Green Alliance viral videos, part 2

I hope you enjoyed the initial installment of Go Green Alliance videos from my public relations campaigns class. Since making that post, our class has created two new sustainability PSAs. Enjoy!

Some things are just better cold:

Beware the lint monster:



  1. Wow! These are great!

    I’m a public relations/electronic media major so it’s always really interesting to me to see how the two can be used together!

    I really like the first one!

  2. Thanks! I can’t take any credit, but my classmates on the PSA team did a great job.

    Electronic media sounds like a cool major. I’m sure it will come in handy since viral videos are such a big PR thing these days.

  3. Yeah,

    I had a very difficult time figuring out a secondary major to public relations. Now that I’m getting further into electronic media and the public relations sequence, I’m happy with my choice.

    Your class sounds very interesting! I’m currently in PR Planning and Problems, but campaigns is next on the list!

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